New Delhi: From cufflinks to watches and more -- gift your father stylish accessories on Father’s Day. Swarovski has a few interesting options for the occasion.

Piazza grande Q Black watch, made with faceted ceramic elements, matt black and rose gold, will go well with any outfit considering the colours used.

To make your father’s wrist look more stylish, gift him Terzio Bracelet. It is embellished with jet hematite crystals. It has matt finish so if your father is not fond of extra shine and bling, this one is perfect for him.

The same elements have been used to create Terzio Cuff Links. Along with the wrist, these accessories will surely make the cuffs look more chic.

For more variety, you can give him stainless steel cufflinks too.

The price starts from Rs 5,300 and goes up to Rs 45,000.


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