"I was very excited because where do you get a chance to hang off the top of a building? So I wanted to try it. It's very rare to get such an opportunity. Now I've had a taste of it," Shraddha said.

"My confidence has gone up, so why not do it in my movies as well," she added.

Shraddha's pictures, while she was rehearsing for the stunt, had gone viral and she had even tweeted about it.


On Saturday, Shraddha performed her stunt without any fuss, smilingly dressed in a pink outfit.

Reportedly, Shraddha went up the 34th floor of a five-star hotel here for the stunt.

"I think it's the first time that anybody is doing anything like this for a brand association," she said.

"It's superb, amazing. I feel anybody who gets the chance to do that, to feel weightless, must grab that opportunity; there is only one life, why not? I enjoyed it tremendously and it'll be a memorable launch because of that," she added.

Her upcoming romantic-action film 'Baaghi' might also contain such stunts by Tiger Shroff, who is known for his flexibility.


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