New Delhi: Probing into the Commonwealth Games-related projects, the Shunglu Committee is all set to investigate jurisdiction of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

The high-level committee pointed out at the Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) meeting on January 14, 2009 and July 15, 2009.

According to the Shunglu Committee, the EFC on January 14 had decided that projects pertaining to expenditure of Rs 50 crore and less than 100 crore will be approved under the chairpersonship of the CM and the Finance Minister and related ministers of the concerned departments and senior officials will be its members.

Meanwhile, expenditure of more than Rs 5 crore and up to Rs 50 crore will be approved by the Delhi Finance Minister.

But, on July 15, 2009, Principal Secretary V V Bhatt had directed that all the finances of projects related to Commonwealth will be approved by the EFC which will be headed by the CM.

Shunglu Committee also questioned the state government’s soft approach and delay in the projects.

In order to construct parking facilities, Rs 303.95 crore were spent on Sunehri and Kushal Nullah, whereas Rs 42.89 crore would have been saved if the same was initiated in 2005.

The Shunglu Committee also said that completion of any project undertaken by the government took 2-3 years. Due to this, there was a rise in the expenditure and the government had to take certain decisions in haste in which quality was compromised.

At some places, contractors and construction companies had to pay extra in the name of shortage of labourers and machinery.