New Delhi: The troubles for Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit seem to be unending, as several decisions taken by her government are under scanner. The Shunglu Committee report related to the CWG scam has already been submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office, and speculations are ripe that the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament will also discuss the CAG report.

Besides, the state government led by her is already under attack for hike in the electricity rates. The issue has already created resentment within the party as three of the Congress MLAs were the first to raise objections over the decision amidst the demand from the Opposition for the resignation of the Chief Minister.

However, Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday maintained in the House that she was clean and all the allegations were baseless. She informed that the Ministers have completed the works as per the schedule and planning. “Even though a few of the tasks were accomplished under special circumstances, they were not against the norms,” she added.

A confident Sheila said, “it would be clear in Assembly elections in 2013 whether the decisions taken by her government were correct or not. The people will again elect the Congress party or the BJP.”

However, one senior functionary in the state organization differs from the Chief Minister and says, “Although fate of the party is decided by public in any election, the fate of the government is evaluated on the basis of reports and the decisions taken by it.”

It is believed that the Shunglu Committee report sent by the Home Ministry to the PMO has cited several points against the Delhi government. In such a scenario, the fate of the government would only be decided by the party high command.

Therefore, it is expected that the coming days would not be smooth for the present Delhi government.

(JPN/ Bureau)