Patna: History of sorts was created at Bihta on Tuesday, when Union Human Resource and Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal laid the foundation stone of IIT-Patna campus in the presence of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Bihta is 50 kms away from the state capital.

On the occasion, both the leaders talked at length over the condition of educational institutions in the state and setting up a Central University in Motihari.

Asking the Chief Minister to be more flexible on the location of the University, Sibal requested Nitish Kumar not to insist on setting up of the Central University in East Champaran and let the Centre decide on the locations as the proposed varsity will be funded by the Central government.

“I am ready to compromise on the issue but you should also give us options,” Sibal told Nitish.

Speaking ahead of Sibal at the function, Nitish said the Centre should set up the new Central University at Motihari in order to pay tribute to the Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhi, who had launched the Civil Disobedience movement against the British rule from Champaran in 1917.

The proposed university at Motihari will also revive the socio-economic and political significance of the region, the Chief Minister added.

Though Sibal agreed with the Chief Minister that Champaran indeed has historical and political significance in the context of the freedom struggle, but said the need of the hour is to address the 'struggle for education', and in this respect the viability of location should get precedence as far setting up of the new varsity is concerned.

On  a lighetr note, the HRD Minister said the CM with his arguments could have become the Supreme Court advocate and that he is in the wrong profession.