New Delhi: HRD Minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday slammed Sri Sri Ravishankar's remarks suggesting that government schools are breeding ground for Naxals saying nobody with some element of sanity would make such a sweeping statement.

"When I read the statement, I was surprised. I am confident that perhaps the person had not made such a statement.... Any person with a sense of balance cannot make such a statement.... There must be some mistake in reporting, because any person with some element of sanity would not have made such a remark. I am sure the individual you are talking about is fully sane...," Sibal told reporters here.

He was asked to comment on the reported remarks of the spiritual guru.

Sibal said people who are in the highest positions in the government and outside government, members of the judiciary and former Presidents have studied in government schools. "Can it ever be said that they are all naxalites," he said.

He said he would give a "benefit of doubt" to Ravishankar "because I do not think even temporarily a person would be inclined to say such a thing because it would be such a sweeping statement that no individual having a sense of balance would make such a statement."