The central focus of debate was based on two core issues – Sonianomics and Modinomics – monikers generated by the economic stance taken by Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi respectively.

Sibal said Modinomics is all about giving land to Adani in exchange of money – a barb, which was sarcastically counted by Vasundhara as she said Sonianomics prevails wherever there is development.

During the programme, both leaders batted for the respective policies of their parties and placed forward all positive aspects associated with them.

Sibal said, “Modi’s economic policy is nothing but garnering wealth by allocating lands to Adani.”

This made Raje draw everyone’s attention towards United Progressive Alliance’s economic policies and welfare programmes. She also said that the government is committed towards development.

Raje said that according to government, Sonianomics prevailed only where development took place and it was missing in those areas which saw no development.

The Rajasthan Chief Minister also said that the UPA government wasted money in the name of welfare schemes, which has angered the people.

Sibal on his part said the expectations of people have increased, and added that the past few years have witnessed a revolution in media.

He also said that even a slum dweller can afford a mobile phone today and all questions related to the activities of government will be answered on 16th May.


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