New York: A Los Angeles based engineer has found a solution for women sick of wearing misshapen, lumpy bras, ruined from too many tumbles in the dryer. Alexander Farennikov has created the Bra Dryer 2.0, which is a breast-shaped appliance that uses infrared light to zap moisture.

The dryer, which looks more like modern art than a high-tech drying machine, keeps padding in place because of its sexy shape, and the relaxed drying method, keeps intricate beadwork and lace safe.

Farennikov told media that the idea actually came to him from a female friend who asked why it's such a problem drying bras.

He said that a conventional dryer is too rough for most delicate undergarments and air-drying takes too long. The product is a design update from Farennikov's 2009 version, which never made it to production.

The dryer, which can dry bras in 20 to 30 minutes, will come in sizes A-H and will cost between 150 dollars and 200 dollars when it launches in 2014.


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