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Side-effects of silence in relationship

"Kuch na kahon, Kuch bhi na kaho…" this is how a romantic relationship commences. During the initial stage of romance, the moments are so special that one really does not feel the need to say or hear anything. The lovers believe more in communicating through eyes.

But with the passage of time, scenario takes a U-turn. What used to be a romantic eye-to-eye communication becomes mish-mash between the partners. And this gap of communication leads to sourness in relationship. After a few years of relationship, good verbal communication is very important between couples. You use silence as a weapon to punish your partners after a scuffle but unknowingly this act may hamper your relationship. In this article ‘Sakhi’ has made an effort to let you identify the situations when silence becomes a killer weapon ruining your love life.

Silence indicates upcoming storm in life

A new study has found that minimum sharing of emotions and thoughts are not only harmful for your relationship but also hazardous to your health. This lack of communication may cause heart attack or heart diseases. According to researchers, not sharing your emotions with your partner may create trouble in your relationship.

The researchers have also stated that it is the woman who prefers to be silent as she believes doing so will thwart off any unnecessary rift in their relationship. But what she does not gauge this silence might take a toll on her mental and physical health.

When silence turns darker

Lack of communication or the silence is visible in three different stages of a relationship-

Mental level:  When a couple stops conversing with each other.

Physical level: When the effect of cold war enters your bedroom.

Emotional level: This is a serious situation. At this stage couple feels reluctant to support each other in distress. In other words, lack of communication turns you into an insensitive person.

5 Cs of good conjugal life

1)    Communication: Talk a lot. Try to converse in each and every situation as lack of communication paralyses your relationship.

2)    Commitment: Commitment is very essestial for any relationship. Without this a relationship cannot grow.

3)    Compliment: Compliment your partner. Do not criticise him/her always. Notice his/her good characteristics and praise them.

4)    Care: Be caring. Take care of each other. The feeling that ‘there is someone who really cares for me’ is great. So let him or her enjoy the feelings.

5)    Concern: Show your concern for your partner. If there is a concern, lack of communication will never occur.

Marriage is not just an institution but a committed relation as well. To maintain this smoothly, share emotions and feelings with your partner. Love your partner from the core of your heart. Forget all the scuffles; always think that there is someone for whom you can bear all the pain and trouble. Each and every person wants to make his/her married life good, so why not you make an effort from your side to make it beautiful? Do not take the shelter of silence but stretch your arms and welcome your love.
Suggestions from specialist

Lifestyle expert Rachna Khanna Singh gives two tips for a good conjugal life

1)    Whenever there is a problem, discuss it out with your partner and then finally try to churn out a solution. Do not wait for the next day.

2)    It is better to maintain silence at junctures when you know that indulging in scuffle will not be of any use.

(Indira Rathore)

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