Kolkata: In order to check alarming rate of accidents and to facilitate commuters on the road, the Kolkata Traffic Police has devised a traffic control through ‘Signal All Red’. Under this system, the time limit of traffic signal would be rescheduled in the metro and adjoining areas.

Once the SAR is applied, signals will turn red and entire vehicle movement will automatically come to a halt to help the pedestrians cross the intersections. The period of all-red signals would be of 10 seconds.

The all-red interval is the period following the yellow interval in which all signals at the intersections are red. The time limit of signal is being reduced to avoid traffic congestions at red-lights.

According to one Traffic Police official, “Stipulated time for all-red and signals are being rescheduled to check the difficulty faced by drivers and hapless pedestrians.”

Notably, several rounds of review meeting were held over the time limit of traffic signals since last June. Several agencies including pedestrians, drivers and traffic police were consulted over the issue and majority of them have opined to reduce the time period of traffic signal.

Presently, the stopping period is180 seconds at several traffic signals which the drivers generally violate during the night.

Now the time limit of traffic signal is being decreased by 5-15 seconds on several routes including AJC Bose Road, DL Khan Road, Park Circus Seven Point, Shyambazar Five Point, Rasbihari Crossing and Park Street.

The traffic signal timing machines are being installed at 300 signals under the jurisdiction of the Kolkata Police.