Mumbai: There is a significant rise in the number of people planning for their retirement in urban areas of the country. People are now planning their investments keeping their family in mind. Taking pro-active measures, many are going in for retirement plans very early in their career. According to a survey report, one out of four Indians has chalked out post-retirement plans.

Recently, Ameriprise India conducted a survey on financial goals of Indian consumers. It was found that as many as 24 percent people are now making investments keeping in mind the life after retirement whereas it was only 10 percent a year back. The survey carried out in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. One-fourth of the people said that they have delayed the idea of having holidays, buying a second home and car because of their retirement plans. Most of the people making such choices are in the age bracket of 28 to 33 years. Kim M Sharan, President, Financial Planning and Wealth Strategies, Ameriprise Financial Inc, told that the current trend is positive for the market. Retirement planning exhibits foresight of the investors.

According to the report, single, working ladies find themselves more secure financially. Men are more insecure, hence they go for investments. Men make lesser investments after marriage because of the changes in priorities. Because of dependence on the husbands, housewives are also not able to make investment decisions.


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