London: A Sikh man for the first time became the mayor of Warwick town in England's West Midlands region. Prabhjit Singh Dhillon, who has been elected the 280th mayor of Warwick, described it as a "privilege", a newspaper reported on Friday.

"I have become the 280th mayor, a privilege for a local Warwick boy and first Sikh since that time," Dhillon, a former local schoolboy, was quoted as saying.

"My mayoral year is a mere blip in the last 1,100 years of former mayors in this historic town." After being sworn in as mayor, Dhillon asked everyone present to observe a minute's silence in honour of Drummer Lee Rigby, the British soldier who was hacked to death at Woolwich in London May 22.

"I liken my year to the Olympic torch bearers of last year, in that I am picking up the torch of history from the outgoing mayor and carrying it forward, passing it on to the next mayor in a year's time," he said.

Dhillon said that this year's theme is celebrating the town's rich treasure trove and building a greater sense of community. Warwick is a county town in English county of Warwickshire.


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