Gwalior: The entry of Madhya Pradesh police inside a Gurdwara premises without any prior notice in Shivpuri district has triggered off a strong response from Sikh community in different states.

Sikhs from various states including Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have decided to go on a joint protest on September 25 here in a bid to express their resentment over the issue.

Accusing the police officials of violating the sanctity of the shrine, the Sikhs said, “They have not even shown respect for the holy place and entered the premises wearing their shoes.”

Sant Hakim Singh of Gurdwara in Padora told the reporters, “We have met the Chief Minister regarding this incident but no strict actions have been taken so far against the cops who violated the holiness of our sacred place.”

He further added, “We only want that the police officials either apologise their action failing which the government must take stringent action against these officials.”

In search of Sant Baba Ram Singh who went missing from July this year, the police team entered the Gurdwara premises without prior notice or information.