Gangtok: Even as the hill state of Sikkim struggles to limp back to normalcy, locals in the state which was battered by earthquake on Sunday are angry over the inadequate relief operations.

The lack of relief has given way to a deep sense of resentment and anger among the people, with most of them questioning the preparedness of the government machinery.

Gangtok has been buzzing with questions like: “Our own government is not making efforts to save us. If China strikes, what will they do then?”

Speaking to Jagran, people alleged that all rescue efforts are just limited to the major cities while the worst hit Lachung is still to get any relief.

The fate of those stuck in Lachung is still in dark and it is still not clear whether they are dead or alive.

A victim said, “Why are people all over the country not told about the real situation here. Are we not the citizens of India?  Our voice is not being heard in Delhi. The politicians came by helicopters to visit the injured in hospitals but did not go to Lachung. It is still not known that the people are dead or alive. At least save those spared by the quake.”

Sonam Lamba, a native with her child in her hands said, “They are saying that the helicopter cannot land in Lachung, then how are people able to come by foot?”

The situation in the worst hit areas is grim with no data of the actual toll. Though the rescue efforts are in full swing, but lack of resources is still a concern. The people in Gangtok are even deprived of clean drinking water.