"Sikkim Government is working towards strengthening e-governance and has extensive plans. Our Chief Minister has been taking keen interest in it and the target is to provide updated services and ensure greater accountability of the government," Anand Madia, Secretary (e-governance), Chief Minister's Office, said on the sidelines of a conference.
Madia was in the city to take part in the two-day 6th National Conference themed 'Emerging Vistas of Technology in 21st Century' that concluded here.
He said SWAN (state wide area network) project has already been implemented in Sikkim and other projects under execution are -- state data centre (SDC), setting 40 Community Information Centres (CIC), online medical database, computerisation of land records, electoral rolls, online vehicle registration, driving licenses, treasury, etc.
"E-governance enables stakeholders to access a host of services digitally and conveniently, eliminating the need for citizens to stand in long queues to obtain information and service," Madia said.
Briefing on the 'connectivity project' under which government will develop web portal for its various departments, he said the government will be better equipped not only to share important information through portal but it will also facilitate future growth by reducing operational costs.

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