In its latest Annual Employment & Unemployment Survey report for 2012-13 released by Labour Bureau under Union Ministry of Labour and Employment here on Thursday, Sikkim state had the maximum unemployed people in the country.
The unemployment rate per 1000 persons aged more than 15 years was highest in Sikkim at 136, followed by Arunachal Pradesh at 130, Tripura at 126, Goa at 107 and Kerala at 104, said Labour Bureau Director General, Daljeet Singh told reporters here on Thursday.
As per the report, the unemployment rate of the country is estimated to be 4.7 percent at All India level, he said.
In the northern region, maximum unemployment rate was witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir at 88, followed by Himachal Pradesh at 63, Delhi at 57, UT Chandigarh at 56 and Punjab and Haryana 48 each, he said.
Among lowest unemployment rate across the country, Chhattisgarh had lowest unemployment rate of 14, followed by Karnataka at 20, Madhya Pradesh at 22, Andhra Pradesh at 25 and Gujarat at 27, Singh further said.
In case of unemployment rate per 1000 persons in young people aging between 15 and 29, Sikkim was against at top position at 372, Arunachal Pradesh at 327, Kerala at 315, Tripura at 306 and Jammu and Kashmir at 241.
Among youth, Chhattisgarh was again found to be having lowest jobless rate at 33, followed by Karnataka at 52, Gujarat at 59, Madhya Pradesh at 60 and Mizoram at 78, as per labour survey report findings.
Labour Bureau took a sample of 1,33,354 households, excluding homeless people with a breakup of 82,624 households in rural and 50,730 households in urban sector, said Chairman of Expert Group formed by Ministry of Labour and Unemployment, S P Mukherjee.
Based on the survey results, 51.2 percent of households in the country are found to be having self-employment as major source of income under farm and non-farm activities, informed Singh.

In rural areas, unemployment rate of 4.4 percent whereas in urban areas, the same is 5.7 percent, said Singh.     

Unemployment rate was found to be higher in females as compared to males. At all India level, female unemployment rate is estimated to be 7.2 percent whereas in males, it is 4 percent.
In rural areas, 12.9 percent households are estimated to be having regular or wage earning as major source of income.

In urban areas, this figure is 42.1 percent, said Singh.


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