"The entire Silicon Valley believes that the H-1B visa policy needs to be dramatically expanded," Bill Coleman CEO of Veritas told media in an interview.

"We can't hire enough good people. They are just not available here. The salaries here are going through the roof, because everybody is competing to hire from everybody else," he said.

Coleman, a former Chairman of Silicon Valley Leadership Group, is involved with the Silicon Valley for about 40 years. Early this month, he became the CEO of Veritas, which has re-emerged as a newly-independent company after its purchase by The Carlyle Group for USD 7.4 billion on January 29.

The H1B visa is designed to allow US employers to recruit and employ foreign professionals in speciality occupations within the US. But in a blow to Indian IT firms, the US has imposed an additional fee of up to USD 4,500 for certain categories of H-1B visa.

Amidst revival of the US economy wherein the unemployment rate has hit below 5 percent, Coleman referred to the huge shortage of quality IT professionals the Silicon Valley faces.

Referring to a conversation he recently had with Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt, Coleman described a 'crazy' incident when the hiring-salary of a data scientist skyrocketed.

Coleman said the number of H-1B visas should be based on market demand and the programme's expansion is one of the top priorities for the Silicon Valley.

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