New Delhi: It might sound absurd, but the rising price of Silver has forced the burn patients being treated in Safdarjung hospital to shell out extra money on their treatment.

The hospital authorities have stopped supplying Silver Sulfadiazine (SSD) to the patients as the cost of the ointment has increased due to spike in the prices of Silver, forcing the patients to buy it in open market which costs them dear.

One percent of the ingredients of Silver Sulfadiazine are Silver.

The price of a 250 gram tube of SSD has jumped to Rs 400 from Rs 219 six months back.

“I have bought several tubes of SSD from the market. Doctors say they are using other ointments but SSD is most effective,” Deepak, an attendant of one of the patient said.

In Safdarjung Hospital, which has one of the best facilities in the country for treatment of burn cases, at least 90-110 SSD tubes are used in a single day.
“We have contacted several companies. But all of them want to revise the tender. They contend that the prices must be increased in conjunction with the spike in prices of Silver,” the hospital administration said.

Medical Superintendent Dr NK Mohanty said all steps would be taken to meet the crisis of the medicine.