Lucknow: The outrage against rampant graft and malpractices reached the crescendo during anti-corruption movements launched by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev, but it could not sway the results of assembly elections significantly. The reason may be: voters had to walk tight rope as they had to choose their leaders projected by the political parties.

Trilochan Shastri, a professor in IIM Bengaluru, said, “People’s anger against corruption is still surging. A voter is bound to select his leader imposed by the parties. However, people vented their ire giving mandate against the Congress owing to episodic corruption and array of scams.”

“In Punjab people preferred to go with SAD-BJP, though facing allegation of graft charge, distancing away from the Congress. Barring to Manipur, the results of elections (in other poll-bound states) attested the Congress bungling and inefficiency in handling corruption charges that turned the fountainhead of anti-party feelings,” he added.

Though Anna Hazare shunned making any overt and direct comment, he said, “If the Central government had passed the Lokpal Bill, the Congress would not have met fiasco.”

Anna’s supporters must subscribe to the fact that BC Khanduri has lost election though, his party performances improved because of passing Lokayukta Bill in Uttarakhand.