Here, we bring you some of the simple tips to get glowing skin this winter

Protect and Cover:

This is an important tip for the winter season. If you want to be perfectly fine health wise and skin wise also, you have to cover yourself with warm and woollen clothes that will protect you from harsh cold winds.


Dryness is main problem that one faces during winter and moisturizer is the only thing that can work as rescue. For smooth and supple skin you need to moisturize your skin in the morning and night as well.


This is the season when you get a lot of veggies and fruits which you can have. Try to have at least one glass of juice of your choice along with some seasonal fruits. Also, don't forget to drink plenty of water in winters also as this will help in keeping your skin hydrating.

Hot showers:

You might feel good to take long hot baths but this can harm your skin and make it too dry. Yes, it is true. The warmth of the hot water can strip the natural moisture of your skin and make it dry. Try to keep the shower limit up to 10 minutes and keep the water mid to lukewarm.

Lip Care:

Chappy lips can be an irritating problem for one in winters so you have to keep your lip balm always with you. Another solution for chappy lips can be exfoliation. Try to exfoliate your lips at home for removing the dead skin. This will give you a shiny smile.


Although everyone loves to spend some time in sunlight but you know that exposure to the sun can be very harmful for your skin. Like summers, you need to apply SPF on your screen along with moisturizer to have glowing skin.


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