London: Are you getting ready for a date? In the age of social networking sites like facebook, getting a date has become easier. But making your date a successful one as well as a memorable association is the matter that needs your special attention.

Here are few tips that can help you win a date, according to a website.

Work on confidence: If you are already a confident person, you need not worry. But the coy ones certainly need to work on it. Confidence is considered to be one of the qualities that attracts people. Besides, you will also feel good about yourself.

Take the first step: If you find someone attractive, instead of waiting for that person to make the move you do it. He will find you attractive if you approach him.

Online dating: There was a time when people used to be reluctant to find partners online, but now things have changed. There are several sites that can be used to find a date.

Be open-minded:
If you are approached by someone, give him a chance. Even if it’s unlikely pairing, go for it as he might be the one.


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