Neeti Macker, co-founder, The Homemakers, a modular kitchen and furniture company, shares a few tips to de-clutter kitchens.

1. Segregation: Divide kitchen into varied zones according to functionality, storage needs and usage. Distinct storage spaces can be created keeping in mind the consumable and non-consumable items, cleaning and preparation areas and cooking gadgets.

2. Re-tractability: Keep the counter space de-cluttered by using it largely for preparation and cooking only. Use more pullouts and kitchen storage solutions for each area. Pull out drawers of different heights and partitions can be used for stacking different categories of items. Accessories like the cutlery drawers, pots and pans pull outs and grain trolleys are really handy.

3. Well-lit: Use of drawer lights, especially in corner cabinets and pantry units, helps easy stocking and access even in the middle of night or odd hours. This even comes handy when you do not want to disturb other people with blaring light, if your bedroom is next to kitchen.

4. Holders: Install organising drawer solutions for specific storage needs such as bottle pull out for jams, sauces, vinegar etc, an open wicker basket pull out for onions and potatoes.

5. Small storage:
Well designed pull-out pantry to store small food items, that would get lost in upper or lower cabinetry and eventually cross the expiry date.

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