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Raising the demand during Zero Hour, Vijay Goel (BJP) said there are two forms of Income Tax department for its assesses, with one form of five pages and the other of 14. The forms seek details of all bank accounts of an individual as well as details of foreign travels made during the year.

"The details sought are too much. Lakhs of Income Tax payers have problems on providing details of bank accounts and foreign travels. It impinges on the privacy of tax payers. My appeal is that the form be simplified. I urge that it should be of two pages in a simplified manner which will help all tax payers," he said.
Goel said he learnt that the Finance Ministry was looking  into the matter and hoped it will provide relief to tax payers in the country.
Raising another issue, Jaya Bachchan (SP) said a 23-year-old young mother has been thrown out of her house in Delhi by her in-laws after being beaten up and her two-and-a- half year girl child taken away.

"She has complained to the police but police is not cooperating. The life of a 23-year-old has been ruined. Under the law, she should be able to keep her child with her till 7 years. I promised to take up her cause. We have to sort this problem so she gets her child back. I need the assurance of the entire House," she said, as members cutting across party lines extended their support for the cause.

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