A new law came into effect from Wednesday under which liquor sales will stop from tonight at 10.30 pm. The restriction will be in place till morning 7 am.
The Ministry for Home Affairs has also ordered the declaration of two Liquor Control Zones in Geylang and Little India with effect from today under the Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act.
The Act, which regulates the supply and consumption of liquor in public places, was passed in Parliament on January 29. It will "minimise public disorder and disamenities" arising from drinking in public, said the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in a statement.
Both these areas, popular among foreign workers, will have additional restrictions during weekends and public holidays.
However, members of the public can continue to consume liquor at home and within licensed premises such as restaurants, coffee shops or bars, in accordance with the hours stipulated in the licences, it said.
People can also continue to consume liquor at a public place if they have a valid permit issued by the National Parks Board to organise a barbecue in a national park.
For events held in public places, organisers of these events may apply for a consumption permit from the police if the events involve use of liquor during the restricted hours, the statement said.

But the retail sale of take-away liquor will not be allowed from 10.30pm to 7 am every day.
The December 8, 2013 Little India riot, involving South Asian migrant workers was the worst street violence to hit the country in four decades.
Most of the workers believed to be drunk, reacted violently to a fatal accident involving a bus and an Indian national who was working in Singapore.
Some 400 migrant workers were at the scene of the riot during which 23 emergency vehicles were damaged and 54 police officers injured. Fifty-two Indians were deported from Singapore for their alleged involvement in the riots.
Nevertheless, the police, according to the law, may grant an extension of retail sale hours on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the propensity for public disorder and disamenities in the locality.
It has also allowed the supply of liquor on licensed premises such as restaurants, coffee shops or bars can continue in accordance with existing licensing hours and conditions.

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