Singapore: The Singapore government on Tuesday announced details of employment pass (EP) framework, a move to control foreigners, including Indians, in the lower and mid- level professional and skilled jobs, and create a level- playing field for Singaporeans.
The Manpower Ministry said the move would also ensure that local workers, whose salaries would rise going forward, would not be disadvantaged by Employment Pass holders who were coming in at lower wages.
The city state's EP holders come from around the world, but are mostly Asian, including Indians.

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman  Shanmugaratnam, who is also the Manpower Minister, said the new EP criteria and tightening measures were aimed at creating a more level-playing field between foreigners and locals vying for white collar jobs.
He, however, underlined that Singapore would continue to remain open and attractive to foreign talent, while the government wanted to ensure that Singaporeans remain the core of the workforce, especially at the professional, managerial and executive level.
The ministry said the demand for EP for employing foreigners, which has increased rapidly since the economic recovery in 2010, was likely to keep growing.
It added that it educational qualifying requirements would be tightened so that only those from good quality institutions would be eligible for the EP.
Under the revised measures, the qualifying salary for single EP would be raised to SGD 3,000 per month from SGD2, 800. The ministry said it would also look at the qualification and experience of the EP applicants.
The qualifying salary would be raised to SGD 4,500 per month from the current SGD4, 000 for P2 pass holders, which is a bar higher than the EP.
However, the salary of P1 pass holders would remain at SGD 8,000 per month for the higher ranking professional pass holders.

The new rulings would be phased in over the next one to two years for existing EP holders, and giving businesses time to make necessary adjustments, said the Ministry.
EP that expires before Jan 1, 2012, would be given a two-year renewal, and those EP expiring between January 1, 2012 and June 30, 2012, would be given one-time renewal.
But EP expiring after July 1, 2012 would be subject to new EP criteria, it said.
He added that some 30,000 EP holders were likely to be affected by the tightening measures.
Singaporeans had been increasingly complaining about losing jobs to foreigners especially who come in at lower salaries.