"Why is the state government so keen to hide things for a scam of this proportion? Why are they not prepared to leave criminality to an agency like the CBI?” Singhvi asked while speaking to reporters here.

Dubbing the TMC as ‘Trinamool Model Cheat’, Singhvi hit out at Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government for inaction against the tainted members of the party.

"The chief actors on this part are those which belong to the Trinamool. So when they try to protect...they are desperately trying to protect their own. And u know the names. There are MPs from the Trinamool, contesting candidates, political leaders from the state...all are involved,” said Singhvi.

"What is the use of talking about simplicity, cleanliness, when you don't have the moral and political courage to act against your own people, who have defrauded the poor people of the state about whom you shed crocodile tears every day?” he added.


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