The study looked at how people attending adult education classes grew closer over seven months. The conclusion - singing groups bonded more quickly than creative writing or craft classes.

To test the theory, the researchers worked with charity the Workers' Educational Association (WEA) in UK.
The WEA set up seven courses, four in singing, two in crafts and one in creative writing. Each course, made up of weekly sessions, was run over seven months, with a break in the middle.
Those attending the classes were given surveys before and after individual sessions in the first month, in the third month and at the end of the seven-month course.
"In the first month, people in the singing classes became much closer to each other over the course of a single class than those in the other classes did," she said.
"Singing broke the ice better than the other activities, getting the group together faster by giving a boost to how close classmates felt towards each other right at the start of the course," Pearce said.
The study was published in the Royal Society's Open Science journal.


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