London: R&B star Rihanna says she is currently single and not having a man in her life is a pain.
The 23-year-old singer was most recently romantically linked to Colin Farrell and previously dated baseball player Matt Kemp, but she says she is single at present and admits it is a drag, reported a magazine.
"I need an escape because this job is way too much anyway. It's a pain coming home alone and after work to lie in a hotel bed with nobody to get you up unless its work related. But it makes no sense starting something you are going to stop, so I don't want to rush into anything," she said.
Rihanna is wary of finding the right person to start a relationship with, however, as she doesn't like for things to become boring.
"I mean it is nice being single in one way, because a relationship can feel like a chore, and that's not good. That's not what I need," she added.