London: According to a book, there are few things that help a man decide if a first meeting needs to turn into a first date. Jacob Tomsky, author of Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles and So-Called Hospitality - has revealed what men really want when they first meet a woman and provided tips to prepare for first meeting, according to a daily.

First, according to him, you should assume that you are an awesome, quality person.

This is not about having a big ego. It's about not feeling insecure, not laughing too often and too long at what is not funny enough and not agreeing too fast and repeatedly before any actual points or ideas are fully expressed, he said.

He explained that when you're busy thinking about all your possible flaws and faults, you might end up sounding like this: "Yeah, totally, haha, yeah, haha, totally, yeah. Haha." If you take your awesomeness as a given, you can focus on finding out what is awesome about the guy you just met. This will ensure that you remain genuine, and the conversation will end up the same way.

Skip the sharp-edged wit, Tomsky suggested, adding that love doesn't always need a laugh track.

Don't' invite friends on a date. He suggests people to show up mentally unaccompanied on date, so that the couple could spend the whole night discovering what exactly they do like about each other.

Stop your brain from shuffling through other thoughts and focus on what your date is speaking, he suggested.
Tell exactly what the other person wants to hear, like something you are passionate about. It may be about job, art, hobby or family.

Because Tomsky thinks nothing is sexier than women who know what they want in life and who are actively trying to get it, because nothing sounds more enticing coming out of a woman's mouth than something she feels passionate about.


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