Kolkata: While refuting Tata’s claims of theft inside the Nano plant at Singur, state government’s counsel on Friday maintained that everything is safe and sound inside the plant and security has been tightened around the premises. The case was being heard for the third consecutive day by the bench of Justice Soumitra Pal in Calcutta High Court.

On the court’s direction, District Magistrate Shripriya Rangarajan on Friday submitted a two-page report on the claims made by Tata Motors.

Calling the claims as baseless, he informed that after the dispute over Tata’s land, first an Executive Officer and later a Superintendent of Police (SP) were deputed to monitor the Tata plant and maintain the law and order situation.

“On June 22 and 23, police was informed that some people were seen carrying some equipments from the plant but the culprits were later caught and handed over to Singur police station”, he said.

Rangarajan also detailed that everything in the plant is intact as he has the complete list of equipments. He also lashed out at any reports of theft by saying that no larceny has ever taken place at the Nano plant.

Over the issue of Tata Motors Ltd (TML) jurisdiction over the land, Counsel Samaraditya Pal pleaded before the Calcutta High Court for a workable solution for a status quo on any further work on the Singur land, which the state has vested, till the case is heard out.

Questioning the legality of the Singur Act, the TML counsel submitted before Justice Pal that it does not provide for compensation to the person from whom the land is being taken.

Claiming that it was in conflict with the Land Acquisition (LA) Act of 1894, Samaraditya Pal maintained that while there is commitment in the Central law regarding the amount of compensation, interest and solatium, the state Act does not provide for compensation directly nor does it lay down principles for compensation to land-losers.

He further submitted that the LA Act of 1894 says once possession is taken, the state cannot return the land to original owners even if the public purpose, for which the land has been acquired, fails.

(JPN/ Bureau/ Agencies)