"Narendra Modi should ensure that businessmen and common people are not seen as thieves in the BJP ruled states. He should also ensure that the BJP governments and officers change the way they function,” Sisodia told reporters on sidelines of a CII function here.

“In BJP ruled states, private businessmen are seen as thieves. We do not see a different picture in these states from rest of the country,” he added.

Expressing confidence of forming the government once again in Delhi, Sisodia said all the people-friendly initiatives would be re-launched by the AAP government.

Sisodia said the AAP government could not function properly as the Congress and BJP joined hands to block all initiatives.

"There is no doubt had we been in the government, we would have taken many other initiatives. But all those initiatives need to be passed through Vidhan Sabha. The Congress and BJP had started saying that they were 40 people and would decide things in the Assembly. They were not in favour of these initiatives,” said Sisodia.

“So, it is alright. We will once again go to people and come back with full majority,” he added.


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