New Delhi: Tis Hazari Court on Monday ordered a West Delhi resident to  give half share of a DDA flat, which he inherited after the death of his mother 25 years back, to his sister. The court directed the man to segregate the half of the property to his sister within two months.

Pronouncing the decision, Civil Judge Ravindra Kumar Pandey also held back the man from selling the property or transferring it to anybody else.

The order of court comes on a plea by the man's sister Sunaina (name changed), who said that her mother had died in 1986 leaving her and her brother as her legal heirs and so was entitled to half of the share in the DDA flat along with her brother.

The order, however, remained uncontroverted as Sunaina’s brother failed to appear in the court to present his side of the story despite repeated summons.

“In view of the various documents placed and proved on record and in absence of any evidence to the contrary, the plaintiff's (sister) suit is proved to the satisfaction of this court and is hereby a decree of partition in respect of the suit property is passed in favour of the plaintiff and against the defendant,” the court said.

Sunaina alleged that she has been requesting her brother for partition of the share of the property and also to segregate her share, but he refused, rather he was willing to sell the property without her approval.