New Delhi: With SIT giving a clean chit to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Gulbarg society riots case, RSS has said his vilification by the Congress and others has been further exposed and the country now wants him to play a role in national politics.

 The editorial in the latest issue of RSS mouthpiece Panchajanya states that SIT's closure report in the Gulbarg case is a "slap on the face of Modi opposers" who have been regularly trying to paint a "devilish image" of the Chief Minister for the last ten years.

 "The peaceful journey towards development of Gujarat under the leadership of Modi has shred all pre-planned malicious campaigns against him by the Congress and the secularists," the editorial said.

It further states that Congress President Sonia Gandhi's "merchant of death" comment had backfired on her party and now a survey shows that 24 per cent of the people support Modi for Prime Ministership while only 17 per cent voted for Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi.

"Now people of the country are waiting for him (Modi) to play a national role outside Gujarat," the article said.

Modi is being touted by a section of the BJP as its Prime Ministerial candidate in the next general elections.

 The piece heaps praise on Modi for being pro-Hindutva, providing good governance and development, and promoting social harmony in Gujarat.

"The result of this has been that Modi-baiters have been isolated, their credibility has been lost and Gujarat is fully in support of a political leader dedicated to Hindutva, social service and effective administration," it said.

 The article further says Modi has emerged as a big challenge for the Congress due to his good governance and pro-Hindutva policies.