Haridwar: Matri Sadan Chairman Swami Sivananda Saraswati has refused to accept the death of seer Swami Nigamanand as a natural one and has repeated his allegations that the seer was poisoned to death.

Criticising the medical panel of AIIMS, he said, specialists in different medicines must be included in the panel. He also slammed the CBI team in this regard.

Repeating his allegations, he said “Swami Nigamanand was poisoned at the Haridwar district hospital on April 3.” Later the seer was admitted at the Dun and Jolly Grant hospitals for the treatment.

He also accused CBI of including only AIIMS doctors in the medical panel which was formed for expert advice in the case. He said, while team of Haridwar and Dehradun doctors was called by the AIIMS medical panel, only one person was invited from Matri Sadan for inquiry.

Dr Vijay Verma on behalf of Matri Sadan provided the medical panel with documents supporting the allegations. According to him, the documents prove the seer’s death to have been caused by poison. He said, since carelessness was into play at both Haridwar and Dehradun hospitals, the case must be included under medico legal crime category.