Greater Noida: Although six decades have passed since independence, Dalits are still regarded untouchables in few parts. A glaring example in this regard is the Kalaunda village of Dadri. Goons of the village have issued orders to ban Dalits from using the water of government tap.

Dalit residents of the village have appealed to the District Magistrate (DM) to initiate the required action in this regard. 10,000 people residing in this village includes 70 families of Dalits. They informed the DM about the orders issued by goons which debarred them from taking water from the government tap.

Few Dalits who overlooked the orders passed by hooligans had to face their wrath. Thereafter, the goons also banned the entry of Dalits in the barber shop. To get a hair cut, Dalit residents have to go to the neighboring villages.

Dalit families apprised the district authorities that 24 families were allotted a 100 yard plot land each on lease in 2002 by the government. However, due to the fear of goons looming large on the village, they are yet to get the possession of the plots. They claimed that despite several reminders and complaints, no step has been yet initiated in this regard.