With so many cases happening around, not a single woman feels safe in the national capital. But, women safety has always been the top priority of the Delhi Police which devised six avenues for them in distress.

Police Assistance – 100

When in need of an urgent police assistance, you can dial 100 from your phone and you will be connected to the nearest police control room. This police assistance is meant not only for women's issues but also for other crimes.

Women helpline – 1091

In case of any distress or emergency, a lady can contact free 'Women Helpline' on 1091. This helpline is also for those women who seek counseling or advice over their problems.

Anti-obscene helpline- 1096

The next time when you feel unsafe or suspect while being stalked, you can freely call up 1096 'the anti-obscene police helpline'.

Himmat app

'Himmat' is the Delhi Police mobile application for women in the city to get immediate help when in distress. The app is available for download on android smartphones and iPhone.

Himmat WhatsApp and Hike groups

A similar initiative in the form of Himmat WhatsApp and the Delhi Police recently launched Hike group number 8800001091 upon which women can also send photos of autorickshaws and taxis before boarding them.

CM Helpline- 181

181, an easy number to remember, is the toll free 24x7 helpline number for women launched amidst Nirbhaya gangrape case in Delhi. During that time, the Telecom Ministry had released a three-digit number, 167, but later changed it to '181' when they felt it would be easier to recollect.

By Sneha Shree/ JPN

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