Thankfully, with the help of modern-day technology and research, we are now blessed with latest equipments and gadgets that have the capability to bring salon at your doorstep.

Here is a list of six popular gadgets, which will not only attract women but also tempt metrosexual males.

GLO brilliant teeth whitening system

It is popularly said that a good smile is the best way to start a day. But in this era, having a good smile is simply not enough. Guided Light Optic technology (GLO) comprises of a closed mouthpiece, which uses a pattern of LED lights to whiten the teeth.

The whitening gel used by this device is activated by the heat that is generated by the usage of LED lights. An eight minute session with this device can transform the teeth structure by whitening them brilliantly. The easy to carry, GLO whitening system, can easily be charged using a USB.

It is priced at USD 199

Resc-hue t water purification system

Chlorine and minerals, which come pre-added in water, are the most dangerous enemies of a girl’s hair texture. Therefore, cleansing the water becomes a primary concern for every woman before using the liquid for hair treatment.

Resc-hue t water purification system uses carbonised coconut shells in order to tackle harmful volatile organic compounds. It gives ultimate shine to the hair. The device comes with adjustable massage settings and refillable filter.

It is priced at USD 120

Tria hair removal laser 4x

Tria hair removal laser 4x is a single device to manage all your threading, waxing and bleaching issues. The device uses diode laser technology to permanently disable the hair follicle and permanently end the hair growth of the targeted area.

It also allows the users to set up skin tone as per the specific area where the device is to be used.

It is priced at USD 380

Satin smooth nail profiler

Not only looks but clean nails also portray a lot about a person’s personal hygiene. Satin smooth nail profiler comes as a treat for women, who love to have a soothing session of professional manicure/pedicure. It is available in cord/cordless option and provides various changeable heads for cleaning, shaping and polishing nails.

This also brings along a lot enhancements like cleaning brush, three emery cylinders for different levels of finesse and a couple of nail buffers.

It is priced at USD 35

Tanda acne clearing blue light

Facial scars are the worst nightmare a woman can ever have. But with the help of this device, one can actually combat this frightening situation. The device boasts a blue light LED beam that has the ability to kill over 80 percent of the acne-causing bacteria.

By eliminating the current bout of acne, it prevents a future outbreak. The gadget enables the skin to look healthier and better by effectively curing the existing scars.

It is priced at USD 112

Zeno line rewind — anti ageing device

‘Ageing’ is the word that women usually find offensive. But not anymore. With Zeno line rewind, the ageing process is believed to be delayed. Zeno Line Rewind targets the fine lines and wrinkles with effective therapy that comprises of heat, vibration and red light technology.

It brings along a serum enriched with antioxidants and peptide complex, which makes the skin smoother and younger. A gentle circular motion of the heated machine on the skin can do wonders.

It is priced at USD 38