Here, we bring you seven most weird, but cool apps:

Spirit Story Box: Ghost Hunting Tool

Ever wonder how ghosts speaks? This one of its own kind will let you connect with the other world. The app is used to get a translation of what the ghosts around you say or think.

Melon Meter

Now you can judge the sweetness of a melon just by checking it through your iPhone. Melon Meter is an app which claims that it can detect a watermelon's ripeness by using your iPhone's microphone.

Gym Shamer

Are you the person whose fitness goals just keep on postponing? If yes, then this is the app for you which will not only motivate you, but will send a shameful message to your social media contacts if you slack off.  

De-motivational Pics

Feeling demotivated after a bad day at office? Well this app will remind you just how crappy things can be with some weird pictures. This app has large and funny collection of images with some hilarious de-motivational posters that are uploaded every day.

Hair Caster

As girls are very much protective about their hairs, this one is the must have app for every girl. Hair Caster app provides everyday hair report in accordance to the weather. The app also suggests as to what can be done to avoid frizzy hair on any particular day.

Places I’ve Pooped

This one is really weird as its like marking your own territory! This app helps you to track all the places you’ve pooped in the world. It’s especially useful for those travelling through Mexico, South East Asia and India.