Rescuers found bodies of six people who were buried in a landslide in northeast China's Liaoning Province. The victims were in a temporary shed at a construction site in Zhongshan District in Dalian City when the rain-triggered landslide engulfed it.

The rescuers meanwhile continued the clean-up and relief work in the affected areas, it added. Urban areas of Dalian have been battered by heavy rains for over 10 hours, with a rainfall of over 100 mm being recorded in many places.

Also, 10 people were reported missing when a huge swathe of mud, rocks and debris tumbled into the Jinsha River, destroying parts of the Huangping village of Huanghua Town in southwestern Yunnan Province on Saturday.

The wave triggered by the landslide also caused damage to Kahaluo Township in Sichuan Province, local officials said. Geological disasters have been frequently reported around China this summer after heavy rains.


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