If you have some leftover paint then you can buy some terracotta pots, which are very inexpensive and easy to pretty up with craft paints.



If you have left up fabric scraps, then you can cut them into different shapes like circle, triangle, stars and heart and use them on free flowing patterns with your curtains and cushions to give a fresh look.

If you love drinking wine and have a huge collection of wine corks, then you can create a handy trivet by colouring the corks and sticking them together. It will look perfect with your antique showpieces and flower vases.




If you have old rugs and bunch of markers, you can make create a pillow or cushion covers by stiching the rugs and writing different numbers and words with the help of markers. Black and muddy combination will look so retro!



Ribbons are available in multiple widths and textures, you can make your old table lamp into  a new and classy one by applying ribbons of different colour combination on the ends.



If you love travelling, you can create wanderlust inspired coasters by applying printed world  maps on tiles.


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