Mumbai: Popular soap stars Sanjeeda Sheikh and Rashmi Desai are on a mission to achieve the size zero look. Kareena Kapoor may no longer be size zero, but she seems to have set a standard for our telly actresses.

They want to be as skinny as she was! The latest actress to follow the path and even indulge in hot yoga (like Bebo) is Sanjeeda Sheikh. She has been working towards the goal of achieving the size for a while now.

Coupled with a diet and work out regime, the Haye Padosan actress is determined to be reed-thin. Being a fitness freak, she joined a gym and was completely taken in by the hot yoga on offer. Aamir Ali's girlfriend has been attending the sessions for the past few months now and she swears that this is the best form of exercise.

Says Sanjeeda, "I wanted to get a photoshoot done since a long time. But I was keen that it should be different from my previous ones. I thought of having a perfect figure for the shoot and therefore started working towards it."

She adds, "I've always been active and sporty, with a high metabolism rate, so it was not difficult. Plus, being a dancer I made sure that I dance daily without skipping even a day. Being a foodie, it was difficult to control my diet, but I made sure I didn't cheat." She continues to eat healthy and avoid junk food.

Gymming hard!

Uttaran actress Rashmi Desai, too, wants to go the Bebo way. She makes it a point to never miss her gym, even if she is shooting for long hours. As Rashmi has been gaining a lot of weight of late, she is even more determined and works out with husband Nandish Sandhu.