China had 697.2 million males and 663.4 million females in 2013, which meant that there were 33.8 million more men than women, head of China's National Bureau of Statistic, (NBS) Ma Jiantang, on Monday said.

The total population of China barring Hong Kong and Macau was 1.36 billion in 2013, he said.
The skewed sex ratio was attributed to sex-selective abortion and preference for a male child as also seen elsewhere in Asia where people believe male heirs can ensure their families' bloodline is preserved.
The Chinese government has been cracking down hard on sex determination tests to "eliminate discrimination against girls" and continue promoting gender equity.     The sex-selective abortions thrived in many parts of the country for the past three decades after the government vigorously implemented the one child policy.
Chinese men opted to marry Vietnamese brides in the wake of paucity of women and increasing gender gap.


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