The picture-in-picture feature was already available on Android tablets but was long overdue on phones. Microsoft is now introducing the feature on Android via the latest update to its Skype app, reported PC World.

The updated feature allow users to leave the app but still have a clear view of the person on the other end, whether they’re checking an email, browsing Facebook, or posting an update to Twitter. Previously, this feature was introduced almost a full year ago on Android tablets.

The update will also enable users to format text in instant messages and receive photos sent from iPhone Skype users. It also includes the obligatory bug fixes that typically come with a version upgrade.

The tiny popup window can be moved anywhere on your screen to ensure it’s never in the way of what you’re doing and in our tests, worked without a hitch. But that’s only the half of it. The update also introduces chats that “load faster” when opened from a notification, formatted text like on Google+.

For those chatting with other Skype clients, you can now share photos between those devices without any errors.