In a shocking revelation, majority of MPs are found to be slack in utilizing MPLAD funds which are earmarked for developing their respective constituencies. It is quite disappointing and pertinent that more than Rs 2 crore each of MPLAD fund has been left unused in the bank accounts of the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and big wigs of the Opposition as well as nearly 400 MPs, which drives home message that our leaders making tall claims before election become oblivious to their duties later on. The country wants to know, if more than half of MPs from both the houses are facing difficulties in spending Rs 2 crore yearly for development, then there was no reason for the MPLAD fund to be increased to Rs 5 crore? As much as Rs 4000 crore are siphoned to MPLAD scheme. Undoubtedly, MPs are expected not to misuse the funds in the name of development as complaints mention that they are not used properly. The Comptroller and Auditor General has also found that MPLAD funds have not been used properly.

It is quite ironical that parliamentarians are not availing the MPLAD fund well, simultaneously they are vociferous for not being clamped by any guidelines. Unquestionably, the fallout of slipshodness in utilizing the MPLAD funds should not affect those who are honest in using the amount, but there is a need to ponder over the reasons which do not let MPs come up to the expectations of people. However, the MPLAD scheme is antagonistic to the tenets of administration, there is nothing wrong if any development work takes place through the MPs. The nub of the problem is now there is a question mark over the significance of MPLAD fund and the MPs who are reluctant for using the fund properly are held accountable for it. It would be wise for the MPs to devise ways to use MPLAD funds judiciously for the betterment of their constituencies.