The Central government’s initiative to constitute a Parliamentary Committee to study the reasons behind ongoing suicides committed by farmers and to check such incidents is another example of its laid back attitude. This is unfortunate that the UPA government realized to know the plight of farmers after seven years of its rule. Why did it fail to grasp during its first tenure when farmers in large numbers were committing suicides? It should have been comprehended when the Prime Minister himself paid a visit to Vidarbha in Maharashtra to take stock of the situation. Surprisingly, the Centre had announced an enormous concession for the debt-ridden farmers, but failed to take such measures to protect them from the vicious web of debt in future, consequently the series of farmers’ suicides continued. According to reports from 16 states, 800 farmers have committed suicides in the year 2011, while the National Crime Record Bureau statistics have put forth that as many 15,000 peasants have ended their lives in the same period. Whatever may be the real figure of the suicides, there is no doubt that average number of farmers in the country is still in problems despite several schemes and concessions related to agriculture, they are victim of predicament. This is an irony of the nation where most of the leaders get elected from rural background and they are considered as benefactor of farmers. However, the Parliamentary Committee will be deputed to probe the reasons why farmers are committing suicide?

The government as well as the political parties should know that Parliamentary Committees are not a solution to every problem because they cannot have an escapist attitude. The MPs and planners cannot be unaware of the pitiable condition of the Indian famers. The problems are unending because the farmers still pursue the traditional methods and they are still unable to procure seeds, fertilizers, electricity and water. The most important aspect is that they still fail to get appropriate price for their produce and whenever they have a bumper crop the crisis is natural fallout. The latest example in this context is of potato farmers in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The constitution of Parliamentary Committee may be termed a concrete initiative to study the problems of farmers, but it implicitly relates the truth that Indian leadership has become reluctant in getting a realistic solution to the problems. If the government and the opposition parties are really worried over the plight of peasants, they should come out with a White Paper on status and solution to existing anomalies in agriculture. This will only redress their problems.