New Delhi: Lifestyle diseases have spread their tentacles beyond elite section, as thousands of slum dwellers battling with unsecured future are found to be suffering from hypertension and diabetes.  This was revealed by a survey conducted by Delhi government.

With the help of Centre, Delhi government kicked off the survey to diagnose and treat slum people suffering from hypertension and diabetes. According to the report, 45757 people are down with both hypertension and diabetes, while 5859 people are diagnosed with diabetes and 16, 050 with hypertension.

Surprisingly, most of these patients don’t know about their killer ailments. “Till now we have surveyed 23 assembly constituencies, while it is still going on in 10 areas,” Delhi Health Minister Ashok Kumar Walia said.

According to psychiatrist Dr H L Bhagat, “The reason behind these diseases is genetic aberration in people living in Asia and this is also a major reason, why the highest number of diabetic patients is in India.”