London, Jan 10 (Agencies): Danny Boyle says that the astounding success of 'Slumdog Millionaire' helped him make '127 Hours', which is inspired by climber Aron Ralston's life.

The British filmmaker, who won eight Oscars with his Mumbai-based potboiler, says he was "inundated with offers" post the movie but he was determined not to succumb its success, which would have been "foolish".

Having already decided in 2006 to bring Ralston's story to the big screen, Boyle decided to use the power Slumdog gave him to finance the project.

It also helped Danny convince Ralston to lend his story for the movie. The explorer was apparently keen to make a documentary, in which he appeared as himself but Boyle was adamant this would not have worked.

"I told Aron that if we employed him as the 'actor', it would be terrible. No one would have believed it. My point was we would achieve so much more with a proper actor."

And after Ralston saw the movie, he realized that Boyle had made the correct decision, the climber told the BBC World Service.

"He was right, it was a much more powerful and inspiring film for people to see and experience," he said.

James Franco plays Ralston in the movie, which is slated to hit Indian theatres on January 28.