Bangalore: External Affairs Minister SM Krishna on Saturday sought to mock at the affairs of ruling BJP and its government in Karnataka, likening it to an "all-out" cricket team.

The BJP is in a "miserable position", Krishna, a former Karnataka Chief Minister and ex-President of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, told a Congress party convention here.

He said there was a time when BJP leaders L K Advani, Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley were happy (with the installation of the party's first government in the south) and added "what's the situation now?".

Referring to BJP's Chintan-Manthan Baitak here on Friday, Krishna ridiculed "chintan did not happen, manthan did not happen, baitak did not happen", adding "Gadkari quickly vacated Bangalore. Such an atmosphere was there".

BJP had originally scheduled the brain-storming session for its legislators and leaders for two days from Friday but wound up the deliberations within two hours amid speculation of an intensified infighting spilling over in public.

"This Yeddyurappa created a new history in Karnataka. No Chief Minister had gone to jail. He (Yeddyurappa) had to face such a situation", Krishna said. Congress was neither happy nor satisfied by Yeddyurappa's plight (of going to jail) but felt very sad about the bad situation that the state had to face.

"BJP rule is a saga of cases, allegations and scams", he alleged.

Likening the BJP ministry to a cricket team (which has 11 players), Krishna said 11 people (ministers) and the captain (Yeddyurappa) have already returned to the pavillion (resigned from the ministry on corruption and other charges).

"What's left in the team now? Poor Sadananda Gowda (Chief Minister) is running around with a bat. There is no runner to back him", he said, adding it's not an exaggerated statement but is one of very close comparison of the real situation in Karnataka.

Krishna also said the party has given him everything (all positions) and "now there is nothing left". "An elderly leader like me should step behind and happily vacate our positions to youngsters" and guide them from behind.