Dehradun: Toeing the lines of Rythu Bazaar in Andhra Pradesh, Uzhavar Sandhai in Tamil Nadu and Mandi in Punjab, the Uttarakhand government is all set to come up with a concept of market where farmers having small land holdings can sell their yield directly to the consumers.

The state government is coming up with the Apnu Bazaar where the farmers having small land holdings will be able to approach consumers directly without the involvement of any middlemen.

The plan has been approved by the government and the first such market will come up in Dehradun. Such farmers in the state were facing problems due to lack of marketing arrangements and failed to sell their produce in big foodgrain markets.

Following which, they were entirely dependent on them middlemen who purchased the yield at low rates. Owing to poor facilities, many times the yield gets rotten in the field itself.

The state administration had sent a team to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka to study the concept.
Following the similar concept, space will be allotted free of cost to the self-help groups of farmers on a first come first serve basis.

This will end marketing woes of the small land holdings farmers and the consumers in return would also benefit by getting quality foodgrains and fresh vegetables.

The bazaar will be developed near towns and cities which will belong to farmers only. There will be no other retail outlet within the 100 metre radius of this market.