New Delhi: Those fond of flaunting the traffic rules in the absence of a traffic policeman need to keep their adventurous streak at rest and spare time to have a look at the traffic smart card.

Such a smart card that can detect a vehicle coming from the wrong side or flouting traffic rules is on display at the world’s second largest Smart Cards Expo-2011 organised at Hotel Ashok in Chankyapuri that started from Tuesday. 

Principal Software Engineer at Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT-Kanpur (IIT-K) BM Shukla said, “With help of the RFID technique in smart cards, the task can be simplified for the flying squad of the transport department.”

He added a chip installed at a highway toll plaza can check the bigger vehicles on the road by the chip installed in the vehicle which will transmit information through a sensor to a computer at the toll plaza.

Before the new technology, it was a trouble for the flying squad to take the vehicle to measure its weight, checking its overloading and its road tax and insurance documents. A smart card can provide freedom from all such problems. 

Smart Cards Expo 2011 sponsored by Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and IT, Government of India is the No. 1 Smart Cards Exhibition in Asia and is expecting around 200 exhibitors and over 6000 visitors from 25 countries over the three day period.

The exhibition has its significance in the smart card era with rising concerns on the security of the paper money. The Electronic Security Expo 2011, RFID India Expo 2011, BiometricsIndia Expo 2011, ePaymentsIndia Expo 2011 and IndiaMobile Forum 2011 are part of the electronic exhibition.

A visitor said, the technology can not only lessen the problems of people but can also bring transparency in the policies of the government.